Right On Ride-Ons

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  • We are a U.S. d­istributor for high quality ride-on toys and scooters.
  • We carry Fisher Price Power Wheels, Big, Injusa, Kid Trax, Mini Motos, Feber, NPL, Kalee, Toys Toys, ScooterX, Electric Wheels and Evo Powerboards.
  • Our Ride-Ons come from the U.S., Spain, Germany, China and Italy.
  • All of our Ride-Ons intended for children up to 12 years old conform to the requirements of ASTM F963 CPSC Toy Safety.
  • All of our gas powered products conform to EPA regulations.

Children enjoy playtime and the opportunity they get to fantasize about being all grown up. They look forward to the day when they will own a brand new vehicle of their very own. The thrill of cruising down the highway with the wind blowing through their hair and cooling them off gets them excited! And if they could now they surely would...

 Well, that is why we offer these great Ride-Ons!

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Right on Ride Ons
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Albuquerque, New Mexico 87111
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