We, at Right On Ride Ons, are loving parents, grandparents, and, yes, even great-grandparents who enjoy our relationships and the memories we’ve helped create for our families. We’ve always encouraged our children and grandchildren to get out and play as part of their overall educations. In their formative years they are building their minds and bodies and our goals are to help them to be healthy and strong in both areas.

  We feel both mental and physical development are necessary for balance in life. This includes getting them up and moving and away from the TV and electronic devices. To that end, along with the play of running and jumping, we know children love to be creative and imaginative by emulating their elders. They look up to us, parents and grandparents, as they observe us driving here and there to take them places, longing for that time when they can “drive” – just as we did!

  Well, that is why we offer these great Ride-Ons! 

  We are a U.S. d­istributor for high quality ride-on toys and scooters. We carry Fisher Price Power Wheels, Big, Injusa, Kid Trax, Mini Motos, Feber, NPL, Kalee, Toys Toys, ScooterX, Electric Wheels and Evo Powerboards. Our Ride-Ons come from the U.S., Spain, Germany, China and Italy. All of our Ride-Ons intended for children up to 12 years old conform to the requirements of ASTM F963 CPSC Toy Safety. All of our gas powered products conform to EPA regulations.

  Your children can start at an early age, during their playtime, to develop motor skills, muscles, social skills and creativity while having fun doing it! We know children develop strong family bonds through imitating their role models whom they love and look up to for guidance, a sense of right behavior and purpose. What we offer in our Ride-Ons is an opportunity for you to fill that want and need in their education by giving them a fun toy – what is actually a tool and learning device they utilize during playtime.

  We love watching our children and grandchildren develop and grow over the years, finding ways to make learning fun for them (and us too!) We know you will enjoy that too, along with the big smiles on their faces when they get their just right Ride-On. Join us in the adventure, joy, learning and wonderful memories you’ll help create for a lifetime, with a Right On Ride-On!

Right On Ride-Ons 

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